Re: GSoC: Anjuta Vim Integration Weekly Reports

Week 9
I can't believe I fudged this up, but last week, I replied to myself (I
didn't click "Reply To All"), so drat. In summary, last week was
awesome, and the report is attached.

Week 10
A milder week by all accounts. I've had to juggle between a strenuous
semester and the SoC, but I've very happy to say that Debugger support
is in (and it was a breeze). I just realized that features like the
Debugger support and autocomplete should be my priorities, not
guification of things that vim just does so much better. 

I've also finished most of the auto complete, but I have to feed it
input correctly. That, and a few bugs, and my SoC goals would be
complete. I would like to push in individual plugin support from the vim
side as well, but that can wait until the basic goals are complete.

The plan for this week is to finish off auto-complete, and fix bugs as I
find them. I will also discuss with Johannes about proceeding with
plugin support. By plugin support I mean supporting creation of break
points from vim, or calling make/etc. This might seem redundant from the
view point that these global keybindings could be selectively activated,
so I'll have to dicuss this point as well, but allows users to create
vimscripts/macros which control Anjuta functions. It would make it
easier than resolving issues with Anjuta's keybindings and Vim's

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty (vimzard)
GNOME GSoC Student
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Week 9

Another good week. It was a bit crazy since I had to move back to my
institute, and there were some internet problems there and all. Today, I
went to the official Indian GSoC meetup, and showed off a bit :-P.

I finished off all the interfaces, but found some bugs in my Selection
interface, which shouldn't be hard to fix. I ran into a superbug, which
I'm divided on and waiting for feedback from my mentor and
gtk-apps-devel. Briefly, when I update the position of vim through DBus,
the GtkSocket does not update. I have to mouse scroll to send it some
x11 event so it refreshes. For some reason, gtk_widget_focus doesn't
work either. I think this is because the GtkSocket (or XEmbed) does not
refresh until it recieves some X11 event. While gtk_widget_focus should
do the trick, unfortunately it doesn't. I may have to change my
non-repling functions with X11 window properties (using GDK that is),
which vim supports as a method of IPC. 

I also hacked together a few functions to disable anjuta's accelerators,
which had rather irritating side effects (minutes before the GSoC meetup
too :-)). My plan for this week is to get debugger support working, but
I am assuming that my courses won't hijack my development plan (they
have just started, which should mean minimal load).

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty (vimzard)
GNOME GSoC Student

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