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instead of using ConsoleKit, wouldn't it be possible for you to use a
non-systemd logind implementation? If I recall correctly, there were at
least two attempts: systembsd and some other I forgot.
Thanks, the choices seem to be:

1. LoginKit (logind compatible api on top of ConsoleKit2) - not yet working
and development apparently postponed for now.

2. systemd-shim (limited support for some of the systemd apis) - development
systemd-shim is not an reimplementation of logind, its a wrapper to allow the use of systemd logind and a few 
other components without requiring
systemd init. It certainly provides enough for a full GNOME support up to 3.14 and probably 3.16, we were 
using it in Ubuntu GNOME up until the
recent switch to systemd init, and it worked well.

I don't know where you heard development is halted, Canonical will need to keep maintaining it so long as 
they still have upstart in the archives.
3. systembsd (a reimplementation of the systemd apis portable to BSD
distributions) - I don't use bsd

..which is why I'm using consolekit, which the gnome wiki says should work
for 3.16.x :)

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