RE: gnome-3.16.x without systemd

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1. LoginKit (logind compatible api on top of ConsoleKit2) - not yet 
working and development apparently postponed for now.

Yep, that was the name I forgot. ;D

2. systemd-shim (limited support for some of the systemd apis) - 
development halted

3. systembsd (a reimplementation of the systemd apis portable to BSD
distributions) - I don't use bsd

But it shouldn't be restricted to BSD.

I guess not, but without anything to go on, I'm not sure whether trying it
would be a waste of time...

..which is why I'm using consolekit, which the gnome wiki says should
work for 3.16.x :)

I'm sorry, can't help you here. Debian/sid is still on gnome-3.14. 

Just a few thoughts: Are you sure, that the problem is ConsoleKit related
and maybe not some other issue? Or to put it differently: Does the shell
work when using logind? 

Due to the lack of any useable debug output from gnome-session and the fact
that gnome-shell does not have a debug mode, I'm not sure what the problem
is. I tried logind from consolekit2/loginkit, but that didn't work and one
of the developers confirmed that it is indeed not working.

Or maybe you're referring to using logind from systemd on a non-systemd

By the way, what distribution are you using?  I had a few issues when
testing gnome-3.16 on Gentoo with systemd related to graphic stuff (cogl).
But it seems to work now.

The 64-bit version of tinycorelinux (gnome-3.10.x works on it without


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