RE: gnome-3.16.x without systemd

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Subject: gnome-3.16.x without systemd

I was going to abandon the attempt to get gnome-3.16.x working on a
non-systemd machine, but then saw this
(, which seems to indicate that
things should work:

I tried again with debugging enabled in consolekit, gnome-session and
polkit,  but there's still nothing to indicate what the problem might be:

As neither gnome-session nor gnome-shell fail, I cannot debug with gdb -
after getting the gnome-session "oh no something's wrong" screen and
exiting, gnome-shell still works (I can run gnome-control-center and connect
to wifi for example), but of course the various gnome-session gnome desktop
elements are all missing.

Could somebody help me to modify the gnome-session/gnome-shell source for
debugging purposes to either:

1. Short circuit the gnome-shell registration with gnome-session to force it
to register without checking whatever it checks first.
2. Print useful messages at each stage of the registration process so I can
see where it fails.


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