Re: Extensions review

On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 6:34 AM, Sam Bull <sam hacking sent com> wrote:
On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Carlos Soriano Sánchez
<carlos soriano89 gmail com> wrote:
Still, that's more work for developers, who already seems to be working on
something else more important upstream. At the end, what we need is someone
to go trough commits and make a list of important changes before a release.
Not sure who be willing to do so, although Drago did it last release, I
don't know how time consuming was to do it.

Is this actually something that can be achieved for all extension
developers? The way it can hack into the code surely means that any
change could break an extension.

For example, my extension, when updating to a new version, I've had most
of the shell overlay change out from under me, and it took me days or
weeks to hack back in to the new code to get my extension running.
        Another time, my extension only broke due to a single attribute in the
shell being renamed to not have a preceding '_'.

It would be great to see shell interfaces stabilize, but I'm not sure
if it will or not.  As long as we continue to evolve the shell, I
expect some breakages.  Doing the exercise at least we know if the
breakages are going up or down.  If we have a downward trend then that
would be awesome to know. :)

Maybe this is not the type of extension that is targeted by this effort,
would these changes likely help other extension developers?

Well, I think it will, certainly if you know things like an attribute
changing that would be good to know, right?


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