RE: No application or applet icons in gmome-shell-3.10.3

Thanks for the reply.

When I first start gnome-shell and click on "Activities" I see the workspaces on the right hand side, the 9 
dot icon on the left hand side and the search entry at the top.

When I click on the 9 dot icon, it brings up two buttons at the bottom - "frequently used" which brings up 
text in the centre stating "frequently used applications will appear here" and "all applications" which 
brings up nothing.

The search entry at the top does not find anything.

If I use <alt-F2> to open some applications, their icons appear on the left above the 9 dot icon and, as long 
as gnome-control-center is running, the search entry will display three of the gnome-control-center applets 
(backgrounds and two others) and nothing else, no matter which applications are running and no matter what I 

As mentioned below, I can use nautilus to navigate to /usr/local/share/applications and it displays the icons 
for all of my applications - the applications can be started by double-clicking on them in nautilus.


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Hi John,

Seems the problem is that you don't know hot to use gnome shell no? [0]
You have to click the "Activities" button in the left-up corner to show the "Overview", when you will see the 
dash to launch applications, the workspaces, the windows, and a search entry for all kind of things 
(applications, files, settings). Then in the Dash (the bar at the left) you have to click the last button 
with a 9 dot form. Here will open the app picker, where frequent/all applications are shown.

[0]: Gnome solves this with its getting-started module, which helps you to get started with gnome and gnome 
      Since you are compiling things on yourself, and I guess you didn't compile this module and it didn't 
show for you.

2014-03-30 5:47 GMT+02:00 John Frankish <j-frankish slb com>:
Thanks for the reply.

Just to be sure I understood:

I thought various applet icons - network-manager-applet, Bluetooth, weather, etc, were meant to appear in the 
top panel? All I have is a sound icon and the icon to switch the machine off (which doesn't work).

If the gnome-tweak-tool is required to obtain desktop application icons, how are users supposed to launch 
applications? The only method I have available is <alt-F2> to bring up a command line to launch applications.


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There are no application icons in the top panel, however there are various
gnome extensions to install an applications menu in the top bar.

You can find extensions at, you do need a
firefox add-on to properly use this website. However a lot of their
programmers use a github page to store their extensions, so you can get
them there too.

To enable desktop icons you need to set the setting in gnome-tweak-tool,
which is a python application for advanced gnome-shell settings.

//\  Regards, Groeten,
V_/_ Bas Burger.

On Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:21:58 +0000
John Frankish <j-frankish slb com> wrote:

I'm using gnome-shell on a simple linux system having compiling the
various components from source.

Whilst things seem to work well in the "activities view", I do not
get any application icons on the desktop nor applet icons in the top

I can use nautilus to navigate to /usr/local/share/applications and
launch various gnome apps by double-clicking on the *desktop files,
so things seem to be in order, but I cannot figure out why there are
no application icons on the desktop.

Note that I've enabled desktop icons using dconf-editor, but this
does not change anything - any trouble-shooting suggestions would be

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