RE: No application or applet icons in gmome-shell-3.10.3


there's seem to be a problem here.

On 30 March 2014 04:47, John Frankish <j-frankish slb com> wrote:

I thought various applet icons - network-manager-applet, Bluetooth,
weather, etc, were meant to appear in the top panel? All I have is a sound
icon and the icon to switch the machine off (which doesn't work).

if you have the sound icon and a "turn the machine off" button then you're
not running GNOME Shell. it almost looks like you're running the old
"GNOME Classic" session shipped by Ubuntu 12.04.

I assure you that I'm using gnome-shell-3.10.3 - see attached screenshot

on top of that:

I'm using gnome-shell on a simple linux system having compiling the
various components from source.

is usually a recipe for troubles. why are you not using your distribution's
packages? are you using something like Linux From Scratch?

I'm using the 64bit version of tinycorelinux

If the gnome-tweak-tool is required to obtain desktop application icons,
how are users supposed to launch applications? The only method I have
available is <alt-F2> to bring up a command line to launch applications.

no, the tweak tool is "needed" to get Nautilus to show the contents of the
Desktop folder on your desktop. the applications are available if you go in the
Activities overview.

In fact I can get nautilius to display the contents of the desktop folder on the desktop using dconf-editor 
to edit the appropriate key.

The problem is that the desktop background turns bright white if I do this.

you probably want to check the help:

Thanks - from a quick look at the help, I appear to be doing the right thing, but without the expected 
results :(

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