Re: No application or applet icons in gmome-shell-3.10.3

Hi John,

Seems the problem is that you don't know hot to use gnome shell no? [0]
You have to click the "Activities" button in the left-up corner to show the "Overview", when you will see the dash to launch applications, the workspaces, the windows, and a search entry for all kind of things (applications, files, settings). Then in the Dash (the bar at the left) you have to click the last button with a 9 dot form. Here will open the app picker, where frequent/all applications are shown.

[0]: Gnome solves this with its getting-started module, which helps you to get started with gnome and gnome shell.
      Since you are compiling things on yourself, and I guess you didn't compile this module and it didn't show for you.

2014-03-30 5:47 GMT+02:00 John Frankish <j-frankish slb com>:
Thanks for the reply.

Just to be sure I understood:

I thought various applet icons - network-manager-applet, Bluetooth, weather, etc, were meant to appear in the top panel? All I have is a sound icon and the icon to switch the machine off (which doesn't work).

If the gnome-tweak-tool is required to obtain desktop application icons, how are users supposed to launch applications? The only method I have available is <alt-F2> to bring up a command line to launch applications.


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> There are no application icons in the top panel, however there are various
> gnome extensions to install an applications menu in the top bar.
> You can find extensions at, you do need a
> firefox add-on to properly use this website. However a lot of their
> programmers use a github page to store their extensions, so you can get
> them there too.
> To enable desktop icons you need to set the setting in gnome-tweak-tool,
> which is a python application for advanced gnome-shell settings.
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> On Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:21:58 +0000
> John Frankish <j-frankish slb com> wrote:
> > I'm using gnome-shell on a simple linux system having compiling the
> > various components from source.
> >
> > Whilst things seem to work well in the "activities view", I do not
> > get any application icons on the desktop nor applet icons in the top
> > panel.
> >
> > I can use nautilus to navigate to /usr/local/share/applications and
> > launch various gnome apps by double-clicking on the *desktop files,
> > so things seem to be in order, but I cannot figure out why there are
> > no application icons on the desktop.
> >
> > Note that I've enabled desktop icons using dconf-editor, but this
> > does not change anything - any trouble-shooting suggestions would be
> > welcome.
> >
> > Regards
> > John
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