Re: Two or three things I see coming in gnome-shell

> This is the only proposed way of using the shell that I can't really accept.
> I used to put Thunderbird and Banshee on the last/lowermost desktop and
> tried to ignore them. That lead to me first putting windows on the first
> four desktops to be able to park the named applications on the 5th one
> without having to switch over that desktop all the time. (Having 4
> desktops in a row for regular use.) Now I cannot take advantage of
> dynamic creation of new desktops anymore.
> The new approach I use since a few weeks is starting TB/Banshee first
> when I login and using the auto move windows extension to have firefox
> and pidgin (most used applications on my "default" desktop) on the
> second desktop, which acts as the main one then. Therefore, I can still
> have the shell append new desktops without distracting me by switching
> over desktops I'm supposed to ignore.
> Both approaches are more workaround than elegant, so I would love a way
> to have applications run headless. Maybe with some kind of special
> indication in the dash that they are running, everything else can be
> dealt with using normal notifications.

According to ,
Evolution 3.4 should be able run headless on its own.

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