Re: Two or three things I see coming in gnome-shell

On Sun, 2012-01-29 at 11:32 +0100, informalibre montceau wrote:
> Hello, I translated my text translated from French via google, I do
> not know if I'm on the right list
> I use Fedora 16 - 64-Bit
> - Better management of virtual desktops
> When it was launched more than three windows, the behavior of the
> application launcher changes. When you click on an icon of a program,
> it no longer starts in the current desktop mode but remains in
> activity mode. This allows us then to distribute the application to
> the proper desktop.

You can already drag an application icon from the launcher to a
workspace to start a new instance there.

But *nothing* is going to solve the issue of too-many-things-open.  The
ability of the human mind to multitask is severely limited.

> - Better management of the screensaver
> Solution
> Add a button to totem to tell the system that it should not start the
> standby screen and / or warn the user that the screen saver will
> launch and offer to disable the screen saver time of the video.

The screensaver provides a d-bus API;  video players and the like can
disable the screen saver.  I believe most of them do when playing in
full-screen mode.

> - Better management of evolution and rhythmbox as background
> Problem:

I'm pretty sure rythymbox behaves this way already; banshee certainly

> Ensure that Evolution is running in the background but without a GUI
> and / or have a daemon that checks the mail.

Evolution at least spawns the address book and calendar components as
background processes.
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