Re: help on debugging individual extensions

>> So, I was hoping some dev here might be able to give me some definite
>> hint, like:
>> enable these debug packages, start debugging with these flags, and then
>> watch this and that log for, let's say, for instance, memory consumption
>> of variables/classes etc. of individual objects/classes in the shell
>> therads. Something in that direction, which is understandable for a tech
>> user like me, you see?
> There is some experimental SystemTap support, but it's nowhere near ready.
> Something you can do: paste the numbers from the memory tab in the
> looking glass. Hit the "full GC" button as well. What do you see?

Well, I see copy and paste support missing in lg...

and I see glibc_uordblks rising with every click on Full GC, and I see
"js bytes" memory gradually and slowly rising, which gives me no more
information than htop before.

I already disabled the (assumingly) badly written "Deepin Enhanced Dock"
extension, and memory rises more slowly already, but, e.g., in the last
1,5 hrs resource memory in htop, again, rose from 170MB to 218MB. Still,
that's all no way nearer to actually chasing any specific leaks..

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