Re: retrieving contact list: works in looking-glass, not in extension

On 25/04/12 07:03, Giovanni Campagna wrote:

There is no kind of sandboxing for extensions, whatever you're doing
from lg should be available from extensions. Note though that enable()
is called very early, and contact lists are loaded asynchronously by
libfolks. It may be possible contacts are not yet available by the
time your extension is loaded.
Currently ShellContactSystem does not notify of completed loading
(even though libfolks does). You can file a bug and ask for a signal
if you need it. You could also try bypassing ShellContactSystem, but I
don't recommend it.


Wow, thanks for that! It turns out putting a delay (I used 5 seconds) before loading the contact list did the trick. I guess I just have to wait for the completed loading.


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