Re: help on debugging individual extensions

>>> Unfortunately, there isn't a better way to determine this sort of
>>> thing other than trying all extensions one by one and seeing which
>>> ones leak vs. don't leak.
>> That is unfortunate, indeed, ..really not possible?
>> As I said, I am a user, not a developer.
>> I will gladly run gnome shell in debug mode and watch memory consumption
>> of extensions, individual threads, or whatever way there is to
>> differetiate between shell and extensions, if this is at all possible?
> There is no differentiation at runtime. Any extension can do whatever
> it wants to the Shell.
>> But, I cannot spend weeks disabling and re-enabling individual
>> extensions and see what memory usage comes up with. I am not in a
>> testlab, I am using my computer for work.
> If you have five extensions or so, it shouldn't take too long.

Well, I have 15. Giving that I need 48 hrs continous operation for
reliable results, that will make it 30 days. no that is not long for a
user needing actually to do other stuff..

And if the next thing you tell me is not to use so many extensions, I
will gladly switch to KDE or even better re-install Windows.

Please, you are not helping, instead, you are asking me to do some
time-consuming thing that I am not even an expert in, although I was the
one offering to help out, that is counter-productive..


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