help on debugging individual extensions

Hi everyone,

I finally gave gnome shell another try, Frankly, I still love my old
sleek gnome panel, gnome-do and compiz setup, it was lightning fast and
unobtrusive, but, it seems, ubuntu 10.10 really tends to become more
buggy with every update by now.

So, Gnome shell has made definitive improvements, the extension website
on is a very nice feature.

So, for my question:

Is it possible to debug memory leakage of individual extensions of gnome

I run ubuntu 11.10 right now, and after a day or so gnome shell gets
slower and slower and shows a ridiculous memory usage of 18% ! on my 4GB
machine (resource value around 1GB!, and virtual even higher, of course)

I am not developer, but if someone could would give me details on
debugging. I will give it a try.

Thanks in advance!

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