Re: help on debugging individual extensions

>>>> I will gladly run gnome shell in debug mode and watch memory consumption
>>>> of extensions, individual threads, or whatever way there is to
>>>> differetiate between shell and extensions, if this is at all possible?
>>> There is no differentiation at runtime. Any extension can do whatever
>>> it wants to the Shell.
>>>> But, I cannot spend weeks disabling and re-enabling individual
>>>> extensions and see what memory usage comes up with. I am not in a
>>>> testlab, I am using my computer for work.
>>> If you have five extensions or so, it shouldn't take too long.
>> Well, I have 15. Giving that I need 48 hrs continous operation for
>> reliable results, that will make it 30 days. no that is not long for a
>> user needing actually to do other stuff..
>> And if the next thing you tell me is not to use so many extensions, I
>> will gladly switch to KDE or even better re-install Windows.
>> Please, you are not helping, instead, you are asking me to do some
>> time-consuming thing that I am not even an expert in, although I was the
>> one offering to help out, that is counter-productive..
> I don't know how I can magically help, here. There aren't any clear
> lines between "extension" and "shell", nor on what extension owns
> what. Can you list all the extensions you have installed, and let
> other people test to see if they can reproduce the same conditions?

hm, if that is the only way to do it, I can list out my extensions.

But, that was not my intention in asking here.

See, for me to get into shell debugging on my own will require at least
several days which I cannot afford to spent on a hobby.

So, I was hoping some dev here might be able to give me some definite
hint, like:

enable these debug packages, start debugging with these flags, and then
watch this and that log for, let's say, for instance, memory consumption
of variables/classes etc. of individual objects/classes in the shell
therads. Something in that direction, which is understandable for a tech
user like me, you see?

That way I could easily test if any new extension I install is leaking
or not and then give nice and reliable feedback to its developer, e.g.
through the extensions website..

If that is not possible, it is not possible. Then, I will have to rely
on manually checking general memory usage and on devs fixing there
extensions eventually, ..that is okay, but then, I myself cannot offer
much help that way.


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