Re: high cpu load with gnome-shell and a window that shows TV

Il giorno gio, 12/04/2012 alle 17.25 +0200, Gerald Dachs ha scritto:
> > I really hope it will get fixed, other compositing WMs, such as
> Kwin,
> > behave much better when playing videos.
> Hmm, I didn't test Kwin, all other WMs I have tried had problems with 
> tearing.
Ah, I was referring to the high CPU usage. I have reduced tearing of my
Sandy Bridge card under Gnome by exporting a clutter variable, though I
can't remember how and where.

The high CPU still bugs me since it significantly affect the battery
life and hence the multimedia experience using Gnome Shell with my
Laptop. This is sad, since I really love the Shell :)


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