high cpu load with gnome-shell and a window that shows TV


I am part of a team working on a HTPC distribution based on a minimal Ubuntu installation. Our main focus is viewing and recoding TV via DVB-C/S/T. Currently I try to use the TV front end with gnome-shell, this is working not bad and is looking great. I believe the look & feel
of gnome-shell is perfect for this.

There is only one big problem. If I start the TV front end on my atom based test machine I get %35 CPU load from gnome-shell only. Starting another front end like XBMC I get additional %35. The video decoding is made by the GPU using VDPAU. So the CPU has not much to do,
but this heavy load is too much for the CPU and I get frame drops.

Before gnome-shell I used openbox. Openbox needs less than %1.

What is the reason for this high load? Compositing? Did I make a configuration fault? Do I have to live with this?

Sorry for my bad English.

Gerald Dachs

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