Re: high cpu load with gnome-shell and a window that shows TV

Thanks for your lightning fast answer.

Am 2012-04-12 16:49, schrieb Alessandro Crismani:
Il giorno gio, 12/04/2012 alle 16.43 +0200, Gerald Dachs ha scritto:


There is only one big problem. If I start the TV front end on my atom
based test machine I get %35 CPU load from gnome-shell only.
Starting another front end like XBMC I get additional %35. The video
decoding is made by the GPU using VDPAU. So the CPU has not much to do,
but this heavy load is too much for the CPU and I get frame drops.

Before gnome-shell I used openbox. Openbox needs less than %1.

Could it be this bug?

Look like this is the problem, sigh. Currently there seems to be no simple way
to get transparency without tearing.

It would be nice if you could add some info there. Particularly, does
the CPU percentage change if you resize the window displaying the video

Yes I will try to do it in the evening, but there seems to be not much hope to get
this working.


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