Re: Suggestion: Remove the Window Title Bar

> > As a result here is what I would love in gnome-shell:
> > [...]
> > * merge the menu bar into the title bar: we get pretty much the same
> > behaviour as unity for maximized windows, but something much more sane
> > for other windows.
> This has the potential of reducing the draggable titlebar area to zero,
> so I don't think it is a very compelling option :-)
> However, if an application's menu "bar" is reduced to a single toolbar
> button (similar to the menu buttons found in Firefox/Chromium), it might
> indeed make sense to move it into the titlebar (ignoring for a moment
> that it would be far from trivial to implement it).

Actually, wouldn't it be possible for the menu bar to be automatically
merged in the app menu inside the top bar as a sub-menu? This could be
done automatically when the menu bar has more than one root item.

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