Re: Suggestion: Remove the Window Title Bar

Wich new software project implementation isn't buggy? I think that is still a great idea, save some space on screen it's something that can't be discarded on this new Gnome version. So, something like Unity Global Menu could be usefull to that purpose.



2011/10/6 Jean-Yves LENHOF <jean-yves lenhof eu org>
Le 06/10/2011 21:44, Arthur Farias a écrit :
> Hello everyone! (I'm new here)
> I'm using the new version of gnome and I did not liked the big title
> bar, It is consuming too much space on the top of window. So, I  wrote
> to you here to suggest an integration with the task bar to save some
> screen space.
> Thanks!
> Arthur Farias

Please, no.

I have tried unity which do it by default and always has to found how to
remove this behaviour because for now globalmenu is buggy.


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