Re: Suggestion: Remove the Window Title Bar

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 5:44 AM, Gavin Engel <gavin engel com> wrote:
> Sure.  There are plenty of ways to compress both the app name and menus next
> to each other.   I tend to agree with Jean-Yves that global menus are not
> good.  I always found it very non-intuitive to pull the menus away from the
> window it controls.  When you have a few windows open, it takes noticeably
> more brainpower to constantly figure out what window has focus or what
> global menus apply to which window.  I like Mac OSX, but that is the worst
> part of that UI, so it seems odd for Canonical to copy it.  Simply making
> the menus expand/contract in the title bar seems like a great solution to
> me.
>>>>> Le 06/10/2011 21:44, Arthur Farias a écrit :
>>>>> > Hello everyone! (I'm new here)
>>>>> >
>>>>> > I'm using the new version of gnome and I did not liked the big title
>>>>> > bar, It is consuming too much space on the top of window. So, I
>>>>> >  wrote
>>>>> > to you here to suggest an integration with the task bar to save some
>>>>> > screen space.

Hi all,

first I wonder why everyone focusses on global menu where the original
question was about the title bar, not the menu bar ;)

Then, some personal thoughts:
* The title bar IS too large by default, reducing its size using
gnome-tweak-tool helps
* I LOVE the fact that unity hides the title bar for maximized windows
and I thing gnome-shell should do something similar.
* As the main focus was about the menu bar, I have to say that I like
the unity behaviour for maximized windows, but I hate it for other
wondows, having to make sure the right one is focussed and move to the
top is cumbersome.

As a result here is what I would love in gnome-shell:
* thinner title bar by default
* merge the title bar into the top panel for maximized windows. This
could be a full merge as in unity or just mean making it thinner and
give it a color similar to that of the top panel plus some visual hint
to associate it to the name of the application in the panel.
* merge the menu bar into the title bar: we get pretty much the same
behaviour as unity for maximized windows, but something much more sane
for other windows.

Would this be possible or desired by the shell designers?

Best regards.

Aurélien Naldi

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