Re: gnome-shell and custom desktop files

>> > There already is a command line option for it:
>> >  --class=CLASS                   Program class as used by the window manager
>> Would it make sense to reopen it?
> no.
> that bug is against gnome-terminal; the --class command line argument is
> provided by GTK+ itself. if you're not using GTK+ then you'll have to
> implement it on your own application and/or toolkit.

That bug is against gnome-terminal and (one of) my problem is with
gnome-terminal, so I guess it makes sense :-)

But it looks like "foreign" applications (especially java ones, which
are always foreign) will have to be updated to behave nicely within
gnome-shell. I don't see a java API coming for this anytime soon (I
mean, not an officially supported one, hacks already exists). Good
integration in OSX already required a lot of specific extra work, the
good news seems to be that gnome seems less difficult to support :)

After some further tests, the "--class" switch works for google-chrome
but not for firefox or gnome-terminal
Epiphany does a great job when creating web applications, but also
seems to ignores the manually specified --class switch

Best regards.

Aurélien Naldi

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