Re: gnome-shell and custom desktop files

> Why don't you use alacarte? I used it to add manually installed stuff to the dock.

alacarte is a nice tool and did the work very well for gnome2, but now
that matching windows to desktop files it does not do enough.
nautilus also has some integrated desktop editing capabilities, but if
I change the name of the desktop file to match the WM_CLASS property,
it will also change the displayed name, which sucks for java
applications (due to a java defect, but still).

As I said, my problem was not CREATING desktop files, but knowing what
I should put inside them to get a proper match.
My problem with java applications is solved, I still wonder if
something can be done for applications which can have multiple
profiles. As I understand, the shell will not work as I expect unless
these applications are adapted to change the WM_CLASS property
depending on the current profile. I can't find a way to do so on
gnome-terminal, I guess I will report a bug there...

Best regards

Aurélien Naldi

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