Re: How to move a window to another workspace using the mouse

2011/11/2 António Fernandes <antoniojpfernandes gmail com>

While in normal view, if I want to move a visible window to another workspace, I open the overview; but the position position of that window in the screen changes and sometimes the transition animation is too fast for me to see where the window in question went, so I need to look for it again, between the window thumbnails. This is a just a tiny frustration, but do not underestimate tiny frustrations.

I think that "native placement" extension could be your friend (you can even zoom the window).
Personally I think that this extension should became the standard.
An improvement that I'd like to suggest is adding the icon to the window (like do kde and compiz): sometime a textpad, a browser, a document, seems exactly the same: a window with large white space, so the window with an icon is easier to be identified.

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