Re: How to move a window to another workspace using the mouse

2011/11/2 António Fernandes <antoniojpfernandes gmail com>
Moving windows between workspaces is one of the things the overview is there for, and it is very good at that. I do not see why one would want not to use it. And overview is just one mouse movement away, thanks to the hot corner.

It might just be the case that you are new on the list and if that's the case I would recommend you read the archives. Otherwise you're just flamebaiting. There has been soo much discussion about how large a context switch the overview is that if you have been on the list for more than six months you know very well why some don't like going to the overview for each single window related feature.

I found there is a bug requesting exactly this feature:

Yes this is quite a great idea. Another take on it could be that dragging a window to the right edge of the screen would activate the workspace dock, though that breaks half-window maximization. Never mind...


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