Improvements in Workspaces


Gnome shell is easier to use when there is only one application in a workspace. However, at times we need to access related application easily. For example when I'm working on my thesis I will need a webbrowser, Latex editor and terminals easily accessible. I may also want to take a break during work and watch some videos or listen to music. One solution to this problem is to keep related applications in adjacent workspace. However, there exists following issues

1)  If firefox crashed or in case I have to restart it, then I can only do it in a workspace which is not adjacent. Rearranging it is really difficult. This problem was non existing in Gnome 2 because it didnt manage workspace automatically.

2) Suppose if there are 8 related application running switching back and forth between application 1 and 8 is really difficult. In Gnome 2 since there was grid it was relatively easy.


1) Create workspace grouping: I should be able to group a workspace with a name. For example, I should be able to group webbrowser, latex editor and terminals into a single group called "work". So in case if webbrowser crash I can relaunch it into the "work" group.

2) Allow rearranging workspaces. I should be able to move the workspaces by drag and drop and reorder it. 

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