Re: Gnome3 slowing down.

Le dimanche 26 juin 2011 à 15:26 -0400, G. Michael Carter a écrit :
> Defiantly NOT a Gnome 3 issue.  Gnome 3 is just the symptom.  Just
> figured on this DL you'd have greater knowledge on what Gnome 3 is
> using to narrow the component.
> "Eliminating all the variables is the first step in tech support".
> If we further this then it's not a hardware issue.   More software
> talking to some of the hardware.  So for the record I tried swapping
> all I could.  Nothing worked.   Also if it's a hardware issue, doing a
> pkill gdm (or just log out/in again) shouldn't fix the issue.   I
> suspect it's some component related to the motherboard.
I still think it can be related to leaky video drivers. Could you swap
the video card (i.e. not integrated in the motherboard)? Do you have
other machines with the same graphics card and the same software that
don't experience the bug?

At any rate, since the system has far too much cache in RAM than it
should, it can't be a hardware bug, only a hardware-related software

Hope this helps

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