Gnome3 slowing down.

I've basically had this bug open for 2 years.  Gnome3 makes things worse.

Here's the symptoms.   When I first startup everything is working great.   After having, thunderbird and/or rdesktop and/or vnc and/or google chrome, open for a while (> 30 minutes - 1 hour) the system eventually starts to slow down.   I typically only notice the problem when I activate the "activities" area.   Depending when I catch the issue the activities page can take up to 5-10 seconds to render.

Typically if I close all programs the activities area works again.  (I have to close all programs)   Then I can start opening programs as usual.  (until it happens again).    If I only have terminal windows open it seems to never happen.  Only when one of the 4 I listed is open.   But since I only notice the problem when it's really bad I never know which is actually causing it.

I have 8 x Fedora 15 computers with various hardware configs and it's only one machine that does this.   I tried swapping out the Nvidia card for an ATI card but it had no effect.  (so it's not related to the video drivers)   This issue seems to only be related to apps that use OpenGL as it also happens on KDE.  But not when KDE is using xrender (or that I've noticed, KDE has different symptoms).  Gnome3 is just worse because everything is 3d related.

So I have two questions out of this.

1.  Anyone have any idea where I should start looking for my issue.    It's like there's a memory leak when using programs that get's cleared when I shut down all programs.

2.  Who do I log the bug with?  Fedora and Gnome 3 doesn't seem to be the correct place.


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