Re: Gnome3 slowing down.

Le vendredi 24 juin 2011 à 15:34 -0400, G. Michael Carter a écrit :
> Problem remains even after gnome-shell is rebooted.   start closing
> all the applications and it got much better.  This time still not back
> to the original speed but still under 1sec. 
> If I log out completely I'm good again. 
The Shell memory usage is quite correct (there are probably a few leaks,
but nothing terrible), and no app is using much RAM. Actually, I've had
a look at the output of free again, and I think the problem is with the
cache size: 2183MB!

I've experienced this in the past with development versions of
that leaked memory. So I suspect this comes from your video driver, but
I have absolutely no idea how to debug this further. You might ask for
help on #xorg on, or file a bug. What's your card
model, for the record? You can try using another one if there's the
choice (e.g. with NVidia Nouveau vs. proprietary), just to check.


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