Re: How to make window / workspace management easier

Hi Tim,

Perhaps by using a modifier instead of (or as an alternate to) middle click, e.g when "shift" is pressed the same behaviour could be triggered. This would also mean you don't have to decide what your action will be before you start dragging the window.

Well, my point was turning it into a mouse-only operation so using an operator would make it kind of moot. But I see how it would clash with alt-middle to resize.

Possible solutions to that problem would be:

- keep alt-middle-drag to resize, and use a different combination to middle-drag.
- keep alt-middle-drag to resize, and only middle-drag from the titlebar.
- use alt-middle-drag to middle-drag from anywhere in the window, and use a different combination to resize.

Personally, I think the third option is the most coherent. Why? Because it would mean that the Alt operator would enable titlebar operations on the whole window:

- Alt + drag window = drag titlebar.
- Alt + middle-drag window = middle-drag titlebar.
- Alt + right-click window = right-clicl titlebar.
- Alt + right-drag window = right-drag titlebar.

However, currently:

- Alt + middle-drag window ≠ middle-drag window.

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