How to make window / workspace management easier


I've been following this list for some time and on the most common complaints is that sending a window to another workspace is complex and time consuming when you're using your mouse, because you have to open the Overview prior to dragging the window. Even those users complaining about the removal of the minimize button end up admitting that their main gripe is that hiding a window you don't want to see, takes more time than it used to.

Now, Gnome 3.0 has given a lot of prominence to dragging as a replacement to the maximize button: promotional videos have shown us how that button isn't necessary anymore, because you can drag the window to different edges to get different maximization effects.

Then, why not do the same to replace minimization? Why not take a hint from Nautilus, which allows you to drag files using the middle button to get additional options, and do the same with windows? Why not use middle-drag too? This is what I propose:

- When the user middle-drags the window to the right edge of the screen the workspace selector appears. Then the user can drop the window on any workspace: the window disappears from the current workspace (preferably using an animation) and the workspace selector closes again. It takes half a second to get rid of a window using only the mouse, and much less cursor moving.

- When the user middle-drags the window to the top or bottom edge of the screen, he moves to the previous or next workspace while taking the window with him (same as using ctrl+alt+shift+up/down). That way he can keep working on the current activity while hiding everything else quickly and without any hassle, only using a mouse.

I would like some feedback on this idea. Anything?

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