Re: Extensions Infrastructure Work

>> As you do not have stuff like ActiveX, you need something to retrieve
>> the info. Having something with local storage means it has to already be
>> known by the browser. So you'll have to change the local storage of all
>> possible browsers...
> There are very good reasons why this type of thing doesn't work across
> browsers. If we want to make it so users can install and manage extensions
> from browsers, it should be through browser extensions and not a local http
> server hack.
> Jesse

A chrome extension would still need a local server (or something of
the sort), as chrome extensions can't actually launch processes or
otherwise interact with the host system. So then you'd need a chrome
extension *and* a web server (see
for an example extension that does exactly that).

I still think there ought to be a better way than a local web server,
but I'm not seeing it...

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