Re: Changing how I work in Gnome 3

On 13 June 2011 02:08, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <andrew pitonyak org> wrote:
>> Although I think when you have a specific workflow and know exactly
>> what window you need to switch to next. Maybe assigning a number to
>> those windows, then<Alt>+Tab, then press the number to switch to a
>> certain window, would be faster.
> Can you recommend some documentation on assigning a number so that I can use
> Alt+Tab and then press a number.

That's not implemented currently.

> Based on your comments, I started poking around through gconf system
> settings. Found some interesting items (such as Alt+Esc).

The fact that Alt+Esc and Alt+F6 work is a byproduct of the way that
mutter (and thus gnome-shell) uses the metacity configuration schema
since it is basically a fork of metacity and still has code
implementing those behaviors. But those behaviors haven't been
designed for gnome-shell use and are actually bugs IMO (they don't
even look correct graphically). They will probably disappear in a
future gnome-shell release or at least be re-designed both in looks
and/or behavior.


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