Re: Experiences with Gnome 3: Panel and Workspaces

On 06/12/2011 10:11 AM, Paul Chorley wrote:
2. Vertical vs. Horizontal Workspaces.

Ok, so this is a bit less straightforward.  I can see the logic for
vertical workspaces, with regard to the layout on the right-hand-side
of the in the Activities screen, but I think there are good arguments
for allowing users to select a horizontal arrangement instead.

N.b. I am not asking for a grid as some other have.

First, it seems more 'natural' to have virtual workspaces lined up
side-by-side.  It's what people tend to do with real monitors (for
obvious reasons) and I think the 'naturalness' extends to the use of
virtual workspaces too.

Second, using Ctrl-Alt left/right is simpler than up/down as it
doesn't require you to move your fingers.  This would also free up
Ctrl-Alt-down to open up a workspace sitcher (a-la Compiz).

Would it suffice to simply map the left/right keys as you mention to move "up" and "down". I placed those in quotes because I see no particular reason to think of them as either up / down or right/left... With Fedora 14, when I moved a window to the right, I could see it hanging out in the new window and I could even do this to drag a window to a new virtual desktop. I do not see this behavior with Fedora 15.

Just a random thought.

Andrew Pitonyak
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