Changing how I work in Gnome 3

Gnome 3 forces a radical change on how I work. I have spent hours reading
FAQs to educate myself on how to force myself into how Gnome works. For
some items I have adapted somewhat, and for others I struggle to find a
suitable workflow. Note that I am using Fedora 15.

Example 1:

Assume that I have only two (OOo) documents open. I can use
Alt+Tab to quickly move to OOo, but, I don't see an easy way to jump into a
specific document that I see. Note that I found it very cool that I can use
the mouse to then choose the specific document after selecting the
application, but, apart from using the mouse I see no way to use the
keyboard to tell Gnome that I should then jump between documents of that
specific type. 

Example 2:

I may run multiple applications on a single virtual window. Many of the
windows may be from the same application (OOo, Terminal Window, etc). I may
need to alternate between the application windows in the current virtual
window (or is that virtual desktop?). In many cases, I may keep a specific
application open on the left and two open on the right. If I want to simply
jump to the application that is directly under my current window, I would
typically minimize the current window and I have it. If I drag the window
further to the right, it suddenly takes up half the window (which is even
worse, would love to be able to disable that auto-resize, sometimes I love
it and sometimes I loath it). A hot key to send the current window to the
back would trivially suffice to solve this issue.

Example 3:

Many things seem to be missing, for example, if I install a development
build of OOo and I ant to add a short cut so that I can easily run it. I
don't suppose that I can do that without directly editing a file in a text
editor (which is the only method I have seen). 

Andrew Pitonyak

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