Re: Gnome 3 desktop issues

On 9 December 2011 21:24, Tim Murphy <tnmurphy gmail com> wrote:
> Yes, I have used them all and they're all deficient in one way or
> another.  I have also used twm, FVWM, ROX, sawfish, gnome1, cde,
> Nextstep, GEM, OSX, GNOME2, GEOS, OS/2, BeOS and half a dozen other
> things and GNOME2 is the least bad that I could find on linux -
> actually pretty good really.

I'm still not sure why nobody has stepped up and offered to maintain
the GNOME 2.x series going forwards.  So many people seem to dislike
GNOME 3 but nobody seems willing to continue supporting GNOME 2 (and
the MATE fork doesn't count).


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