Re: Multiple issues with wallpaper handling

Il giorno sab, 03/12/2011 alle 23.57 +1100, Chris Dekter ha scritto:
> I definitely do think there is a (highly selective) bug here, as some 
> Googling showed someone else on this list a few weeks ago with
> exactly 
> the same symptoms.

It might have been me. But I think my symptoms are somewhat different
from yours. I do not see a performance downgrade after changing the
wallpaper but I do see a very frustrating performance downgrade from
time to time. It mostly occurs when I leave the laptop idling, but
sometimes the lag comes from nowhere while I am working. It drives me

Another thing is that I see the lag with an HD3000 board, so it is not
related to AMD's open drivers.

Any help is really appreciated, even slight details on which information
to enclose within a bug report. More on my problem has been mailed to
the list one or two weeks ago.


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