Gnome 3.2 freezes, then goes 100% CPU

Hi Gnome list,

I posted a question on Fedora forum (, but I thought it was maybe more Gnome-related than Fedora-related, so I will ask it here too.

I have installed F16 this week-end on my MacBook Pro 3,1 and since this morning, after a few minutes of usage, the whole GUI freezes.

When I type Alt-F3, I can log-in in text mode and I see that gnome-shell is at 100% CPU usage.

I also sometimes see in this prompt view a message indicating that the core temperature has exceeded threshold.

I installed GKrellM to watch the temperatures and they seem quite reasonable (the graphic card, at the highest temperature is currently displaying 76°C).

Where does Gnome 3 report these kind of problems (I have seen no error meesage in the ~/.xsession-errors file) ?

Have someone else seen this kind of problem?

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