Re: Multiple issues with wallpaper handling

A bit of an update...

I tested running mutter directly, however as I don't know how to (or whether you can) get the overview animation running without shell running, it seems kind of moot. The problem is only noticeable during the overview animation. Having said that, running raw mutter I saw no problems.

I definitely do think there is a (highly selective) bug here, as some Googling showed someone else on this list a few weeks ago with exactly the same symptoms. I've run my testing on 5 different hardware platforms now, and the conclusion I'm reaching is that it must be some kind of interaction between shell/mutter and the open radeon drivers. Running two monitors exacerbates the problem (due to bigger memory requirements I'm guessing), but it occurs to a lesser extent with one monitor as well. My testing platforms:

- Radeon 5750 with open drivers - fails test case
- Radeon 5850 with open drivers - fails test case
- nVidia 8600GT with binary drivers - no problems
- nVidia GTX550 with binary drivers - no problems
- Intel i3 with HD 2000 graphics (Sandy Bridge) - no problems

Of these, all but the last one were the same box just swapping out the graphics card. Different kernel versions, different Xorg driver versions had no effect (within the limited range of what I could test without making the system unbootable).

I'm very willing to do more testing if anyone wants to tackle this problem - even if it's just to determine that the problem lies in the Radeon open driver. I'm a software QA engineer by trade so I'm sure I could do an adequate job of testing this :) Gnome Shell is such a fantastic environment and I'd be very happy to be able to make what small contribution I can.

On 02/12/11 13:10, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
Does the issue exist if you run raw mutter? I can't reproduce the
issue here with mutter or with gnome-shell. There's no performance dip
if I lock the screen or change the wallpaper.

The code that handles the wallpaper is here:

You can see that it tries very hard to make sure that it's not holding
onto the pixmap any more than it needs to.

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