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I think it “feels bad” because it sort of looks like the windows registry, it may make users afraid that they will break something.


And I agree that when the option isn’t in a [enduser] GUI it looks like you took stuff out, I also was about to scream when I couldn’t see the option for “do not raise on click” on the tweak tool (I found it in gconf before I said anything). I think having an incomplete tweak tool also reinforces that, a user thinks the options in it are all that you get (for example, why not put all the window focus options, leaving some out make them look taken out).


I understand the frustration you must get, Gnome Shell is not a 100% finished product yet, but it looks like it is for an enduser since it has no alpha, beta, RC tag. I believe this is mostly a marketing and understanding issue mostly, hang in there and thanks to all the developers for the good work!




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I think if you make it hidden enough, it appears to be removed functionality.

So after a little reading, I figured out that I have to install gconf-editor.

OK, I get it.  It's like the Windows Registry.

It is NOTHING like the windows registry.  GConf is simply a key/value pair with some magic to detect changes.  I hate when peopel compare it with the windows regsitry.  GConf/GSettings and everything else is just a pragmatic way to do to settings.  We do the same things in text.  When you do use go into some conf file and type:


then you're doing the same thing.  The only difference is that we added a name space and added some formatting instructions to the input.  Let's not keep propogating the same tribal untruths out there.

Sorry, I get really irritated when I see GConf compared to the windows settings and have it's negativity applied to GConf.


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