RE: Window Focus

On Mon, 2011-12-05 at 08:16 +0000, Gabriel Rossetti wrote:
> I think it “feels bad” because it sort of looks like the windows
> registry, it may make users afraid that they will break something.

And they can. :)

> And I agree that when the option isn’t in a [enduser] GUI it looks
> like you took stuff out, I also was about to scream when I couldn’t
> see the option for “do not raise on click” on the tweak tool (I found
> it in gconf before I said anything). I think having an incomplete
> tweak tool also reinforces that, a user thinks the options in it are
> all that you get (for example, why not put all the window focus
> options, leaving some out make them look taken out).

I have to say ...

Tweak tool looks like something that it would be *very* easy to extend /
submit patches to.

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