Re: Window Focus

On dom, 2011-12-04 at 17:07 -0700, Gantry York wrote:
> It would be nice if there were two settings
> focus = click, focus, lazy
> raise on focus = true, false

Are you asking for removing options? There are currently three settings:
focus-mode ("click", "sloppy" or "mouse")
auto-raise (whether to raise windows automatically when focus-mode is
"sloppy" or "mouse")
auto-raise-delay (milliseconds for auto-raise behavior)

(depending on your shell version, those options are stored in GConf or

> I don't understand why GNOME3 decided to take so much of the 
> configurability out.

Most options people like to complain about are actually there, see
above. Not exposing every single option in System Settings does *not*
mean "taking away so much of the configurability".


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