Re: Why do XTerms behave so badly in the Gnome Shell?

"Jasper St. Pierre" <jstpierre mecheye net>

> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 3:49 PM, Michael Welsh Duggan
> <md5i md5i com> wrote:
>> Michael Welsh Duggan <md5i md5i com> writes:
>>> "Jasper St. Pierre" <jstpierre mecheye net>
>>> writes:
>>>> This means the app tracking isn't working. Try something like this in
>>>> the looking glass and tell me what it says (make sure that all your
>>>> xterm windows have "xterm" somewhere in the title!):
>>>> Shell.WindowTracker.get_default().get_window_app([x for each(x in
>>>> global.get_window_actors()) if
>>>> (x.meta_window.get_title().indexOf("xterm") >
>>>> 0)][0].meta_window).get_id()
>>> Well, this particular invocation ends up resulting in an error, but
>>> that's because indexOf("xterm") is equal to 0 for all the windows in
>>> question.  If I change this to >= 0, the return value is window:3.
> That means it's window-backed. How are you starting XTerm?

The first time I started an XTerm, I used Alt-F2 xterm RET.  Future
xterms were usually started from existing xterms (though not always).
When I log off, I usually do not manually shut down my existing xterms.
Thus when I log back in, they are re-started automatically.  Thus I have
some number of persistent xterms, session to session.

>> Just a slightly unrelated sub-note: is it possible to copy looking glass
>> output to the clipboard, insert into the clipboard from looking glass,
>> or in some other manner export information from looking glass to
>> external applications (such as my mail/news sending program)?
> No.

That's a pity.

Michael Welsh Duggan
(md5i md5i com)

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