Re: Why do XTerms behave so badly in the Gnome Shell?

Michael Welsh Duggan <md5i md5i com> writes:

> "Jasper St. Pierre" <jstpierre mecheye net>
> writes:
>> This means the app tracking isn't working. Try something like this in
>> the looking glass and tell me what it says (make sure that all your
>> xterm windows have "xterm" somewhere in the title!):
>> Shell.WindowTracker.get_default().get_window_app([x for each(x in
>> global.get_window_actors()) if
>> (x.meta_window.get_title().indexOf("xterm") >
>> 0)][0].meta_window).get_id()
> Well, this particular invocation ends up resulting in an error, but
> that's because indexOf("xterm") is equal to 0 for all the windows in
> question.  If I change this to >= 0, the return value is window:3.

Just a slightly unrelated sub-note: is it possible to copy looking glass
output to the clipboard, insert into the clipboard from looking glass,
or in some other manner export information from looking glass to
external applications (such as my mail/news sending program)?

Michael Welsh Duggan
(md5i md5i com)

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