Re: Some small ideas for the Shell Panel and Overview

On 04/09/2011 11:28 AM, Onyeibo Oku wrote:
On Sat, 2011-04-09 at 10:44 -0500, Marshall Neill wrote:
I looked at the 'new' interface and have only 1 suggestion and I am not
sure how to convey this.
Right-handed people would seem to look to the right and moving the mouse
to the right is easier.
So, with that thought in mind, move the Overwiew, Applications, Library
to the right (flipped so to speak).
In this way when the user moves the mouse to Applications the categories
are immediately below.  No  moving from one side of the screen to the
other.  Everything in one place.
If the user is left-handed then move the category list to the other side
of the iconized list of applications.
Upon installation perhaps you could ask if the user is right-handed or
left-handed with a radio button.  This would also be a possible to
change the  mouse to left-handed.  You could explain how this will
effect the interface with pictures,  as you do when the OS is installing.
To carry the theme even further at install time, you could display sizes
of icons on the panel.  Let them choose smaller, larger, whatever.
Man, I hope I made myself clear.  It's hard to explain in text and so
easy in images but I suck at creating images.

I have suggested this in the past, but not because of left handed people
(or anything of that sort) but for sake of proximity to the categories
and, more so, the new workspace panel(pane). It will also minimize mouse
movements across the screen.  Either that, or leave it as is, and flip
the activities overlay (dash goes to the right and workspace manager to
the left)

<!--although, I have another concept for dash and workspace manager that
is entirely different.  But that, another story -->

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Alright... Then where would the Status Menu go? How would you logout, suspend, power off, go to the System Settings, or disable notifications? Putting it anywhere else besides one of the corners would be rather awkward...

Also, if I'm not mistaken, the reason why there isn't a seperate "applications" button right now is because the designers actually want to /discourage/ the use of it. It's not something that you're supposed to be constantly using, but rather something so you can add an application to the favorites list on the dash or so you know it's name, as launching the application from the search function is much faster than searching for it directly. I could be wrong, but this is something that I believe I read once before. Oh, also, it would add clutter to the top panel and increase the minimum screen size somewhat (especially if the application icon on the top panel was kept with these three buttons).

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