Re: /usr/local/bin and launchers

El sáb, 19-06-2010 a las 23:18 +0100, startx escribió:
> i find that /usr/local/bin would be a perfectly
> valid path to place an application. would be nice to know if this
> is a bug or a feature ;)

You are right, /usr/local/bin is a perfectly valid path to place an
application's binary. However, what gets added to the application menu
is determined by the application's desktop file - reasonable locations
for those are /usr/share/applications, /usr/local/share/applications and

Note that this is nothing GNOME Shell has invented - it is just like the
"old" menu works as well (guess what happens when you add a new launcher
to the menu :) )

So no, it is not a bug - thinking about it, if binaries
from /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin were added automatically to the menus,
you would end up with hundreds of useful entries like ls, grep, sed,
awk, ... not to mention weird and untranslated names (firefox.bin
instead of "Mozilla Firefox").

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