Re: Window Attention Extension

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 6:53 PM, Rovanion Luckey <rovanion luckey gmail com> wrote:
I think this is a great idea!! I'd like it very much. 
One could use the bottom-left corner as hot-corner to display the list of thumbnails of minimized windows. Don't know if the developers would add it to Gnome-Shell, but maybe an extension can handle it...

Tough quite different this concept could be used as a taskbar. Showing all windows on the desktop in this fashion when the lower left hotcorner is hit I could imagine it being quite useful. Useful enough that quite some would want to use that extension.


Or even better: show minimized windows in this fashion, while currently displayed windows could scale like in the compiz-scale plugin. In this way you keep the distinction between minimized/non-minimized windows.
Anyway, it becomes quite complex. But i'd certainly use it. ;)

Gianluca Inverso

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