Re: The weird Close and Info buttons

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 7:12 AM, Mark Curtis <merkinman hotmail com> wrote:
> I'd say rather than the close button in the upper right, but the close
> button to the left of the + button.  Either immediately tot eh left or the
> left hand side of the workspaces window.  Your ideas still have the problem
> with the 'prank' in that you can constantly click the mouse without moving
> it to open numerous windows, but must move the mouse around to close
> windows.

No, you don't want to do that, it gives you more work and less
consistency.  Although it may sound logical to link the two buttons
together, they actually have quite different needs.

Having a close button in the top right of each workspace:
 - is consistent with users experiences of closing other objects
 - gives you a dedicated close button for each window, reducing the
chance of a mis-click
 - Can be done with minimal modification of the existing code

Putting it down by the + button:
 - means it's another behaviour to learn
 - makes it a two click action - click once to select the workspace,
and again to close
 - increases the amount of mouse movement needed

Plus adds a workspace, so there's a good reason to have that separate
- it's not tied to the behaviour of any one item.  Close however works
much better when attached directly to the workspace it will be

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