Re: Trying the shell

Greg K Nicholson wrote:
No. The sidebar is planned to replace this functionality. (Mind, the
sidebar is not even fully designed yet).
This is good to hear. However, what will happen to:
- gnote/tomboy
- system monitor applet
- Kill app
- Keyboard selector
*  Is there a halfway point between showing on the currently active
window name next to "activities" on the top bar and the Windows style of
showing all open apps on the bar?  Sometimes I need to remember what I'm
actually doing or have an easy way to flip back and forth among windows.
Alt-Tab isn't quite it.

The overview is supposed to do that. Click Activities or just point at
the top-left corner.

Showing only the current activity is intended to reduce distractions
from other apps when you're focusing on a single task. It also removes
the need for certain programs to “hide out of the way” in the
notification area.
I think this is not a good idea, because when you think task oriented you have more than one app open on a desktop. For example, when I work there are sometime multiple shells open side by side, as well as some notes from gnote. However, the screen is too small to show them all and it would be too time consuming to switch desks just for the notes. In these cases it is important that you can select the right window by clicking on a button (e.g. window list)

This also happen to be a good idea in other scenarios, like working on a text document and having additional infos in a note taking app. So you want to have the notes and the document on the same screen, but you need not to see all notes at once.

As the title-bar of the gnome shell is still empty (except for the activities thing and some other stuff in the upper right corner) a window list would be quite nice.

Using the activity button is not as good for switching apps in these cases, because it always shows all desktops shrinked. This is too much change in scenery just for information lookup in a note.

As modern UIs tend to become more integrated they also jumped back to an old Unix philosophy small tools each designed to solve one problem. And even large applications start to have popups and extra windows to hold additional information. So I think it is important to help people to be able to make these short lookups in a fast way. And these lookups include, file browse and search, notes, events, short messages.

I have not a perfect solution for that. Maybe a bar could appear on purpose showing a list of apps/windows on one desktop. BTW: The Alt-Tab cycling is a typical Windows idea. It solves the window selection problem in the worst way, because you have to remember your position (the position of the current window in the list of windows) and you have to known how often you have to say Alt-Tab to get o the target window. You are faster with a clickable list.

Even though a classic window list (like in gnome right now) has some disadvantages when many windows are open. So maybe a dropdown list in the title-bar would be a nice asset.


p.s. And I have to say I am really impressed by the good work you have done so far on the new gnome-shell. So do not take my critic as a troll post I just want to share my thoughts and if you like them or if it triggers an even better idea (i hope so) than it would have served a purpose.

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