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Like most things, present a good argument with good data and the ui will change.  We are trying to provide the best user experience here.


On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 6:42 PM, Mark Curtis <merkinman hotmail com> wrote:
So basically "We don't care what you want, we're doing it this way"?

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> Subject: Re: Trying the shell
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> 2009/11/21 Steven Stern <subscribed-lists sterndata com>:
> > *  Not all my applets transferred.  Can I add applets to the top bar?
> > Specifically, weather.
> No. The sidebar is planned to replace this functionality. (Mind, the
> sidebar is not even fully designed yet).
> > *  Is there a halfway point between showing on the currently active
> > window name next to "activities" on the top bar and the Windows style of
> > showing all open apps on the bar?  Sometimes I need to remember what I'm
> > actually doing or have an easy way to flip back and forth among windows.
> > Alt-Tab isn't quite it.
> The overview is supposed to do that. Click Activities or just point at
> the top-left corner.
> Showing only the current activity is intended to reduce distractions
> from other apps when you're focusing on a single task. It also removes
> the need for certain programs to “hide out of the way” in the
> notification area.
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